I’m Heather Maur, a 26 year old living in Central Ohio just dreaming of the day I escape to a life of paradise complete with a lifetime supply of sand and unlimited sun! I live with my  Handsome Boyfriend, Tommy and our Great dane  “Stella Optimus Prime The Great” (Legal name)  and Himalayan cat “Precious Punkin”

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I enjoy finding ways to supplement my income online and offline buy trying out practically every scam I can find that looks appealing!  Sometimes I gain and sometimes I lose.  I have found a few very very small profit ways to make money online with very little work.  I like to see my self as an entrepreneur that is still seeking my passion!



In my free time I spend a lot of time online gaining knowledge which will brighten my future!  I enjoy rollerblading, hiking, biking, leisure swimming, and various other cardio activities that I rarely seem to find the time for.

I love saving money but love spending it just the same.  I plan to post about various money saving and making information I have learned over the years!

I am excited to make my own lifestyle blog and start sharing my views and and little tid bits with the world!